Takemi is smart, mature because of being older, significantly more than a small S (and you are clearly M–her guinea pig), and super punk.

Takemi is smart, mature because of being older, significantly more than a small S (and you are clearly M–her guinea pig), and super punk.

She’s a little tsundere to her clients (but unfortunately maybe maybe not she does deeply care for them towards you), but. Throughout her route, you find out about why she arrived to be a little city physician and just why she really wants to develop a solid medication that she tests for you.

There’s definitely opportunities for chemistry here. I do believe her body gestures towards the primary character is suggestive, and I also think older players will see her more inviting. Takemi’s link that is social offer you discounts and better stock at her hospital.

Sadayo Kawakami – Temperance

We don’t learn how to review that one without spoilers as the encounter that is first have actually in her own path is a spoiler, therefore I’ll put this all under a spoiler label.

[Spoiler begins Kawakami that is house space instructor, is really a maid worker during the night that offers cleaning solutions among other suggested “services” (even though extent is certainly not completely revealed). It is possible to call her to deliver her maid solutions to you personally, although i believe it is hilarious whenever she falls the maid facade and pants down on your own sofa or on the sleep because she’s got to accomplish two jobs every single day. She also gets embarrassed in attractive methods whenever you compliment her, and she chooses to enable kenyancupid you to slack down inside her course so that her key.

Throughout her path, you learn why she found this embarrassing 2nd task.

additionally you find out about her passion for training and encourage her to embrace it once more. Her path is filled with intimate stress, considering with you alone in a suggestive maid outfit, and her job description suggests that she might perform sexual acts as well that she spends time. By advancing her social website link, you will get chances to slack down in class and spend school time reading, making infiltration tools, or fast asleep. Her, she initially resists because of the teacher-student relationship, but she eventually comes around ;). [Spoiler ends if you choose to romance]

Hifumi Togo – Celebrity

If you prefer an elegant, mature, smart girl into the package of a higher school woman, Hifumi may be the one for you personally. This woman is also a model like Ann, although she’s got a lot more of the image of the beauty that is traditional. She actually is a shogi (chess) player, helping to make her extremely smart. She’s generally speaking fairly peaceful and composed, aside from her really unique quirk whenever this woman is playing shogi–she verbalizes the part play of her shogi units :D. Charge, valiant knight, and protect your kingdom!

I believe her quirk is completely adorable, and Hifumi ended up being a good choice outside of the primary celebration. Throughout her path, you find out about her individual conflict along with her mom and about her battles balancing her modeling and life that is shogi-playing. No interest is had by her in modeling and would rather to relax and play shogi, but her mom desires her to model. There’s good chemistry between her plus the primary character with a good amount of options to compliment her, and there’s also a way to slip away together with her during the college journey. Virtually, her social website link will give you very helpful abilities when it comes to celebration during battles, including assured escape and changing party users.

Chihaya Mifune – Fortune

Chihaya is just a young woman with an unique energy in fortune telling.

She additionally thinks really strongly when you look at the fates that she checks out to her clients and it is amazed whenever those fates change. She’s general a sort girl that’s been through some adverse conditions making bad choices.

Throughout her path, you will see exactly just how she stumbled on the town through the countryside, exactly exactly what led her to doing a bit of dubious things she is performing, and just how she tries to get free from her situation. In addition lose 100,000 yen simply to begin this route! I’m not very yes about chemistry, however it does feel just like I’m helping her find her means in life once more. Chihaya can be pretty sweet, generally there is the fact that. Virtually, her path will help you to forecast occasions within the game like whenever specific links that are social be offered to advance.

Ichiko Ohya – Devil

I’m sorry Ohya, I’m simply not actually yes anybody actually chooses you being a intimate interest…

I got eventually to about ranking 6 with Ohya, and she had been the girl that is only didn’t maximum. You find out about why she’s doing the work she’s doing and exactly what injustices have actually happened to her at work into the past. She additionally utilizes you as her fake boyfriend to ensure she can carry on pursuing the news headlines that this woman is enthusiastic about, meaning that you get on fake times with her throughout this social website link. But, i truly didn’t find her tale specially compelling. We don’t really remember just just what her ranks provide, either :x.

Honorable Mentions

Yusuke Kitagawa – Emperor

Because if he had been an alternative i might completely select him, in which he desires one to strip ;).